What Clients Say

“The key strategic element of any successful corporate program is not the program. It is the quality of the communication that explains and positions the program to leaders and employees. Diane has become a trusted partner of our project teams for building our culture, benefits, employee surveys and several other initiatives. I can’t imagine launching a major project without investing in a well-thought-out communication plan. Diane and her team have been consistently excellent partners.”

Kevin F. Carroll
Retired, Head of Global Human Resources, Merial, Ltd., Duluth, GA
Founder, Carroll & Associates International

“Diane St. John brings the unique combination of outside perspective, curiosity, intellect, strategic vision and the ability to immediately be accepted by the inside team. As unusual as it may sound, my internal staff actually looks forward to working with Diane. She quickly understands the significant communications challenges and then helps formulate the best strategy to address those issues. Diane has brought a new and fresh perspective each time she has worked with us.”

Rick White
Senior Vice President-Corporate Communications
Wisconsin Energy Corporation/We Energies, Milwaukee, WI

“Diane is a masterful communicator who understands the nuances of building and maintaining effective relationships with stakeholders. Her counsel and hands-on approach accompanied by a probing intellect, client orientation and integrity have served my organizations well for years.”

Bob Larson
Former communications executive for GTE, Northern Telecom, Rhone Poulenc and Aventis CropScience; currently on the communication faculty at N.C. State University, Raleigh, NC

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