For Communication Professionals

Add an experienced, trusted partner to your team to help you:

  • Research, write and edit internal and external communications materials
  • Plan, conduct, analyze and learn from employee opinion surveys and focus groups
  • Develop communication plans to support your overall mission, vision and strategies
  • Manage special projects when internal resources are scarce
  • Step in as an experienced account group supervisor during staff medical leaves

For Human Resources/Organization Development Professionals

Partner with a communication professional who can help create the understanding, support and behaviors needed to:

  • Incorporate communication skills into leadership models and training programs
  • Create understanding, appreciation and effective use of company-provided benefits
  • Communicate key initiatives in the most effective way
  • Gain crucial employee feedback through employee surveys and focus groups
  • Increase awareness, perceived value and effectiveness of HR and OD services

For Business Leaders

Develop credibility, trust, understanding and teamwork in your efforts to:

  • Communicate effectively with all levels of the organization
  • Devise and implement strategic plans that people will support
  • Increase employee commitment and alignment with the organization’s goals
  • Understand and address employee concerns
  • Encourage and harness ideas that create new products, customer loyalty and profits
  • Create a culture of success

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